ABOUT ME: Emma-Jane Bunn

Emma-Jane Bunn

I started to take Yoga seriously in my late 20's, before then I'd been to a few classes here and there, but I was practicing sporadically and without much direction. I began practicing regularly as rehabilitation after a car accident in which I broke my right femur and had to have several operations to repair the damage. It had followed a period of emotional trauma, and you could say I'd emotionally and physically hit rock bottom... It was a wake-up call, and looking back, a huge turning point in my life.

So I decided to take some time out. I went to a Vale De Moses - A Yoga retreat in the Portuguese Mountains, and fell in love with the people there. During a heartfelt conversation with one of the retreats owners Vonetta; she simply said "well, maybe you're a Yogi" and from then on, the seed was planted. I went back to my life in London, but I started to practice more and as time went by, I realised she was right.

I credit Yoga with positively changing the relationship I have with my body and enabling me to move through my life with a clearer mind, through teaching I hope to help others to find the same connection with themselves. I completed my Hatha Yoga 200hr Teacher Training qualification in Mysore India with Noah McKenna.

I have a keen interest in Mindfulness; it’s applications in managing stress and it’s scientifically proven effects on the brain. I apply Mindfulness-based techniques to my teaching and I encourage my students to practice with self-inquiry, curiosity, and compassion.


"I can sense that Emma’s given style of tuition is informative, inclusive and fun yet delivered with a sense of integrity and a strong passion for her subject and with a human regard for differing abilities and learning paces. Forever a student herself, this experienced teacher aptly covers the basics and beyond whilst touching upon the spiritual side of the Yogic traditions. With a most refreshing emphasis placed upon ‘mind-in-the-moment’ safe practice and continuous development for all, Emma delivers absolutely first rate classes and workshops which just make you want to return again and again, as this evolving student has done so!"


  • TRAINING: RELAX & RENEW: LEARNING TO TEACH RESTORATIVE YOGA | Yogacampus, London | Judith Hanson Lasater | Apr 2018
  • WORKSHOP: FASCIA RELEASE: YOGA ASANA & KINETIC FASCIA CHAINS | triyoga London | with Eyal Chehanowski | Jan 2018
  • TRAINING: EMERGENCY FIRST AID AT WORK | with EMT First Aid & Lifeguard Training | Sept 2017 (Valid for 3yrs)
  • TRAINING: MIND-BODY INTEGRATION (Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, the Body, and Contemplative Practice) | Triyoga, London | Bo Forbes | Jul 2017
  • WORKSHOP: FLOW STATE: A POETRY IN MOTION MASTERCLASS | Stretch, London | Lara Zilibowitz | Jul 2017
  • TRAINING: INTEGRATING PRE & POST NATAL STUDENTS | 12hr CPD | Union Station Yoga, London | Claire Saunders | Jul 2017
  • TRAINING: ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY APPLIED TO YOGA | 18hr CPD | triyoga, London | Andrew McGonigal | Jun 2017
  • WORKSHOP: HYPERMOBILITY ON THE MAT | The Yoga Space, London | Jess Glenny | Apr 2017
  • WORKSHOP: WHAT DO YOU SEE?  A TEACHERS WORKSHOP | triyoga, London | Anna Ashby | Mar 2017
  • TRAINING: YIN YOGA & THE SUBTLE BODY | 8hr CPD  | Affinity Yoga, London | Nova Milesko | Sept 2016
  • COURSE: MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION (MBSR) | 8 Weeks | The Mindfulness Project | Summer 2016
  • TRAINING: HATHA YOGA YTTC | 200hr | Mystic School, Mysore, India | Noah McKenna | Nov 2015
  • TRAINING: THAI YOGA MASSAGE | 200hr | Sunshine Massage School, Thailand | Jan 2014